"Kari has worked with my girls for over a year now. Kaylyn won IJM California Jr. Princess, 2017, best interview, and casual wear, and Jayden won IJM Golden State Princess, 2017, best interview, and placed 12 and 9th at IJM Internationals, respectively! Jayden also placed top 5 at NAM State, with multiple perfect scores in interview. No one has believed in them and reinforced their own belief in themselves own success, like Kari has." - Lysa Pecoy, IJM CA Grandma

"I am so thankful to Pageant Coaching and Designs for being instrumental not only in my growth in pageantry but in life as well. I have learned so many valuable skills and have continued to place higher each pageant because of them. My favorite thing about PC&D is Kari's genuine care for her clients. Every speech, every walk, every outfit, every conversation, she puts so much effort into and won't stop until the outcome is exactly what it needs to be. I get the opportunity to feel unique and authentic because of her pushing me to do my very best every phase of pageant competition. She goes out of her way to make sure I feel confident and prepared each step of the way, whether it's a motivational text, a quick good luck phone call, or a hug backstage. She is not only the best pageant coach, but a support system, a cheer team, and a friend." -Taylor Hartlein, IJM Miss Golden State Teen 2017 working towards International Teen & NAM CA 2017 - 4th runner up 

"Kari of Pageant Coaching and Designs is more than just a Pageant Coach. When I took home the title of Miss California Teen 2016, I had no idea what was in store for me. I suddenly started getting all this information on how hard Nationals would be and all these things I would need.  I felt overwhelmed. Then I met Kari. She immediately assuaged my fears and made me feel that I was the most important client she had. She took my little ill prepared speech and Namified it! Then she went in her bag of goods and transformed all of my outfits, giving me her own jewerly to make sure they would "POP"! When I look back on the pictures, I see I was not lacking in anything. I looked Royal! We only had two sessions, but the confidence she gave me in that short time was unparalleled. I was proud of myself and the scores I received. She continues to read over just about anything I now submit that is important to me. I just can't sing her praises enough. She answers all my (and my mom's) crazy texts, calls or emails about the slightest things and gives us the direction that we need. Kari pays attention to detail, from walking, to the way you hold your fingers as you walk, to the way a color looks on YOU under the light, to which pageant would fit your strengths.  As I write this, my heart is so full, because she is so amazing. I've read and heard pageant coach horror stories and feel so blessed that the Lord favored me enough to give me Kari! She always speaks words of encouragement as she pulls out the best in me, teaching me what my strong points are and how to use those to grab the judges' attention. I know that one day the girl that is reading this may be my competition,  but I can say without hesitation or fear, choose Kari, because she knows how to make each one of us be the best version of ourselves. You want a pageant coach like that. I don't know what the future may hold for me when it comes to pageants, but I do know, she will be the first person I call if I decide to enter any pageant. As a matter of fact, as I enter my sophomore year of college, I will be calling on her any time I feel overwhelmed! These papers can't perfect themselves. Thank you Kari for loving me and for being someone I can honestly say is a true Proverbs 31 woman! PS I know I am her favorite (but hey, I bet every one of her girls think that too and I am ok with that). I LOVE my beautiful, amazingly talented Coach!" - Paget Sanders

"My daughter Malaysia Rainey (age 8) has been working with Kari for about 9 months. Kari is very professional and devoted to her clients. Kari is knowledgeable and experienced in all facets of pageantry, which is important when competing in pageants. My daughter and I have been pleased with the services provided by Kari and Pageant Coaching & Designs. Kari has provided services to my daughter in areas of walking, modeling, posing, interview, onstage question techniques, and wardrobe selection. Kari worked with Malaysia while she was preparing for USA National Miss California Pageant 2017. Malaysia won her state title for Miss California Princess, and for Spokesmodel for the junior division. Kari also worked with Malaysia when she participated in International Junior Miss California 2017. Malaysia was first runner up for the princess division. She also won two optionals which were photogenic and casual wear modeling. Each time Malaysia has worked with Kari, she's provided that one on one attention. Kari is consistent, dedicated, professional which goes a long way in book." - Malaysia's Mother, Toni Rainey

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