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I had the pleasure of working with Kari Volen on my interview skills for America’s Most Beautiful Pageant in 2022 where I placed 1st RUP and United States of America’s Miss Pageant where I had the privilege of winning the National Title, United States of America’s Miss 2023. For me, Kari brought a different perspective to my interview preparation and raised the bar on how to approach interviewing with the judges.  Through my sessions with Kari, I gained a sense of clarity on exactly what I wanted the judges to learn about me and apparently it worked. I never felt so calm and confident entering the interview room! I highly recommend Kari to you for all your pageant preparation needs, especially interview prep.

- Katherine McQuade, United States of America's Miss 2023 -


How grateful I am to be a part of Team PC&D! Not only is Kari always helpful, honest and humble but she is always smiling and uplifting. I know that these wins are hugely in part because of her knowledge and ability to really push me. It is crazy to think that when I met her, I barely spoke a word. I'm so grateful for all of the advice and help; not only pageants but also in life. Kari is truly  one of a kind and I can honestly say that without her, I wouldn't be who and where I am today. Thank you for being more than just a coach.

- Emilia Hernandez, Royal International Miss Princess 2022-2023 -

HAMU/Photographer: Michael Franco

"I'm honored and grateful to have Kari as a mentor, coach and most importantly a friend. She has helped me in SO many ways over these past two years we have worked together! She believed in me, even when I didn't believe in myself. She inspires me everyday to be confident in myself, and to be confident in my abilities. The journey to the crown wasn't easy, but, we came and we conquered! Thank you, Kari! All my love, always!"

- Pinky Guerrero, Royal International Ms Role Model 2022-2023 -

HAMU/Photographer: Michael Franco

Saray Head Shot_edited.jpg

Kari is a full service coach that makes time for you and your daughter.  Saray has grown so much from being quiet to fierce, and this would not have happened without Kari helping her feel confident and embracing Saray’s strengths.  Kari has been vital to both of my daughters for modeling, outfits, interview, speaking, speeches, walking and anything else we asked of her.  Saray has won IJM Arizona Princess, Cinderella Arizona Miss, and most recently Arizona’s Outstanding Teen!  She has also won many optional titles including NAM National Fashion model, NAM National Style award, NAM National Talent (twice), and NAM National All-American casual wear and spokesmodel.  What makes Kari the best is that she brings out the best in each girl and somehow always has time to make each girl feel special.  She provides many leadership and growth opportunities that make her more than a pageant coach, but a life coach.  She is so special to us she now feels like part of our family.  We recommend her to everyone because she is knowledgeable for multiple systems and we know they will learn and grow in confidence with Kari.

- Shannon Ringenbach - Mother of Saray Ringenbach - Miss Arizona Outstanding Teen 2022 -

Kari has been the best coach I have personally worked with. After working with many others, Kari took me from being uncomfortable on stage to owning it! She helped me develop the skill of articulating my voice to show people around me who I really am, what I stand for, and most importantly: be CONFIDENT in it! Not only did she help me win my current title of the Royal International Miss Role Model Miss 2022-2023, but the skills she taught me come along with me to interview’s in the workspace. Her walking skills came in handy at New York Fashion week too! I could not recommend someone more highly for your pageant and personal development! 

- Arial Gavriliuc, Royal International Miss Role Model 2022-2023 -

Ariel Head Shot_edited.jpg

I’ve been working with Kari Volen for almost three years. In that time, I’ve not only grown tremendously in pageantry but also in life. Without the help of Kari’s extensive pageant knowledge and constant motivation, I wouldn’t have earned the remarkable titles and placements I was able to accomplish. Kari helped me to place at NAM Nationals in 2017 as 3rd runner up to the All-American Junior Teen, win the 2017 NAM National Runway Model title, and place 3rd runner up in casual wear…JUST IN A FEW SHORT MONTHS OF COACHING! I also won the title of IJM California Teen 2019 and placed 3rd runner up at IJM Nationals, where I also won teen photogenic, was 4th runner up in casual wear, and was selected as the winner of best interview attire, best fun fashion, and best gown! Kari is an incredible coach, friend, and mentor! All PC&D girls are all beyond lucky and blessed to have such an amazing/ helpful person is our lives!

- Autumn Harabedian -

I have been working with Kari since the beginning of my pageant career and she has been with me every step of the way. She is remarkable because she works with you on every aspect of pageantry, whether it be interview preparation, platform development, or walking with confidence in every phase of competition. People always ask me what has made me successful in my pageantry journey, and I always stand by my recommendation of my phenomenal coach, Kari Volen!

- Rita Garabet - Awards include: 4 MAO titles (Miss Covina Valley 2013, Miss Inland Empire 2014, Miss Southland 2015, Miss Sierra Nevada 2016)Earned Best in Fitness (Miss Southland 2015, Miss Continents 2015, Miss California MAO 2016, Miss International 2019), Earned Best Interview (Miss Southland 2015, Miss California International 2019), Earned Best Evening Gown (Miss California International 2019), 2nd runner up to Miss Continents 2015, Miss California International 2019, 1st runner up to Miss International 2019 -


We have been with Kari Volen, Pageant Coaching and Designs, for over four years. Under her tutelage, my granddaughter has learned an incredible amount about competing in pageants, how to handle different situations while competing, how to speak clearly and eloquently, and so much more. Kari has not only been an awesome coach, but also an outstanding role model. Jayden won Royal International Miss International Sweetheart, 2018-2019, and is currently the National All American PreTeen, 2019-2020. She is also the National American Miss Most Promising Model, 2019-2020. She has also won many queens court titles, and numerous other titles. Kari is caring, knowledgeable about current trends in pageantry, responsible, reasonably priced, and over all, has the perfect package to coach anyone in need. As director now, myself, I recommend her to all my contestants and newly crowned queens.

- Lysa PeCoy, grandmother of Jayden PeCoy - the

2018-2019 Royal International Miss Sweetheart (RIM), 2019-2020 National All-American Miss Pre-Teen -

I first came to Kari while preparing to compete in a state pageant, Little did I know that with her help, I’d be taking home the national crown! She took my interview from average to standout, unique and memorable. I am so grateful for all of her help, that as a director, I now recommended her to all of my contestants and queens! We’ve had numerous national placements and it wouldn’t be possible without her ingenuity and dedication to each and every girl’s success!

- Samantha Riddle - Miss International 2014 -


Kari’s not only an extraordinary coach but an incredibly amazing human being that goes over and above for her clients.  Kari gives her girls the edge merely because she makes tangible changes with them and she emphasizes the importance of setting goals. Kari loves coaching and this is evident in her success of instilling confidence that reaches pass the stage.   Count yourself blessed if you work with Kari. 

- Kayln Terrell - National American Miss California Teen 2019-2020 -

To describe Kari in four words they would be Professional, Genuine, Wise, Focused.  I appreciate Kari and her genuine coaching that drives at the essence of what really matters; love and support.  Her authentic persona perfectly fits the wisdom she injects into her sessions, instilling confidence, and the most important goal which is do your best because at the end of the day – ONLY YOU can be the BEST YOU!!

- Mom of NAM California Teen 2019-2020 -

Kari Volen is an exceptional pageant coach! I’ve enjoyed watching my daughter grow and improve over the past two years. I’ve also seen Kari coach a variety of ages and my favorite observation is that she can coach any girl right where she is, regardless of age or experience. Kari Volen can up level anyone! Add to this the fact that she is knowledgeable on different systems and age divisions and has an excellent track record of success among her clients. We have enjoyed working with Kari and are so thankful for all of her guidance, which was pivotal in my daughter’s success of capturing the crown.

- Lelani Duckwitz- Mother of Lacy Duckwitz- National American Miss California Preteen 2019-2020 -


I’ve been competing in pageants for the past 14 years. Ever since the age of 5, I’ve always dreamt of holding the title of Miss California for National American Miss. Competing every year gave me such joy and I was honored to place in the top 20 and top 5 but I never walked away with the state title. I started to feel like I would never achieve this goal.

 A few years later, I found Pageant Coaching & Designs. At first, I never really thought I would train with a pageant coach, but when I researched and saw that this pageant coach had worked with previous NAM California winners, my eyes lit up. That’s when I reached out to Miss Kari Volen, the most wonderful lady you will ever meet!  Coaching with Kari taught me more than just nailing my walk or interview, she taught me to believe in myself and helped me to see that I was capable and had what it took to win the crown. I felt confident and actually believed that I could finally do this and in 2018, my dream came true as I was crowned the National American Miss California Teen!

If you’re looking to coach with Pageant Planet's #1 Pageant Coach, you should definitely be a part of the PC&D Team. Kari is an expert and not only will she help you prepare for every phase of competition, she will bring out the best in you. Kari is more than a coach, she is like family and she wants you to succeed in pageants and life. I’m thankful to have Kari as my pageant coach and am forever grateful for all she has done for me and my family. Join our Team and train with the best of the best!

- Madisen Fragosa -

What an AMAZING journey so far! Mrs Kari's professionalism, encouragement, honesty, and even her criticism comes with the highest level integrity and respect. My goal is ALWAYS growth and there is always room for improvement so I honestly look forward to Mrs Kari's reviews, suggestions, and professional opinions. She was a #1 fan to all of her girls at the state pageant. There was never a time of day that she wasn't sending an encouraging text, screaming in the audience, or taking photos with the girls. Being around Mrs Kari gives an immediate rush of positive adrenaline and the feeling that nothing is out my reach. She is everything one could hope for in a mentor, coach, and friend. To know her, is to be blessed. Love You Mrs Kari!

- JoVi Mongold - National American Miss California Junior Teen 2019-2020 -


Kari is a great coach, especially for interview! With her help, I have gone on to win titles such as 2017 NAM California Teen (3rd RU in NAM Nationals) and Miss Massachusetts Teen USA 2019 (Top 15 at Miss Teen USA). Living in San Francisco and Boston, I've worked with her both in person whenever I am down in LA, as well as over Facetime. When we work on walking at her studio, she always makes sure to film the practice, helping me to reference it and practice back at Harvard. I can then send her videos of my walk and she'll critique it, sending back videos of an example with her walk. Kari is a fantastic personal coach, and she will provide you with her thorough expertise in pageantry!

- Annie Lu- Miss Massachusetts Teen USA 2019 -

I began working with Kari when I was preparing to compete for Miss Montana 2017. After winning the title, as well as overall interview that year, I continued to work with her while prepping for Miss America 2018. Kari is always so kind and encouraging! No matter what time it is, she is always just a text or a phone call away. She truly cares about her clients! The skills I have learned from Kari have not only helped me succeed in pageants, but they are skills that will help me to succeed throughout life.

- Maddie Murray - Miss Montana 2017 -


I am a better leader today because of the coaching I received from Kari. Her coaching was the start of my journey to success in pageantry, and she led me to my winning an International title.  Because of Kari’s focus and discipline, I KNOW that my future is limitless.  Kari taught me how to prepare. She taught me how to plan.  She reminded me to practice, practice, practice.  Kari gave me the tools to develop into the person that I want to be, and how to show the world who I am.   The crown was a moment in time, but the skills Kari so generously and tirelessly gave me, has given me the tools to succeed at anything I tackle in life.  She is kind, she is my friend.  She is smart, she works hard.  She is a gift.  Hire her.

- Julia Gilmore, RIM International JR Teen Role Model 2019-2020 -


Kari is a diamond in the rough and assisted my daughter with preparations for NAM nationals as well as RIM California and RIM Nationals. Charlotte received the top interview score, placed in Actress, made top 10 in Talent and top 10 in Spokesmodel  as well as placed top 10 at NAM Nationals. Kari helped her focus the content of our introduction, create concise interview answers, and work on stage presence. For RIM Kari assisted with wardrobe selection, photogenic selection, Role Model interview prep, walking patterns, and Introduction prep. Charlotte took home many awards at the RIM National including the national Role Model title! We highly recommend Kari for your coaching needs.

- Abagail Maiden - National All American Miss Junior Teen 2018-2019 -

Kari is a diamond in the rough and assisted my daughter with preparations for NAM nationals as well as RIM California and RIM Nationals. Charlotte received the top interview score, placed in Actress, made top 10 in Talent and top 10 in Spokesmodel  as well as placed top 10 at NAM Nationals. Kari helped her focus the content of our introduction, create concise interview answers, and work on stage presence. For RIM Kari assisted with wardrobe selection, photogenic selection, Role Model interview prep, walking patterns, and Introduction prep. Charlotte took home many awards at the RIM National including the national Role Model title! We highly recommend Kari for your coaching needs.

- Charlotte Thompson - 2019-2020 Royal International

Miss Role Model Princess -


My daughter started doing pageants at the age of 13, just three years ago. During her first competition it was apparent which girls had a good coach and which girls needed one. We fell right into the bracket with the girls who needed one. Working with Kari as our coach has been a huge blessing. Kari has taken my beautiful daughter, Makayla, and has shown her that she already had everything she needed to win... she just needed to learn a little grace and finesse. After not placing at her first ever pageant, she went back the following year and won Miss Teen California 2018. Kari continued to work with Makayla and she placed 4th runner up at her first ever national pageant. After crowning her successor, Makayla worked again with Kari and was able to win Miss California High School 2020. Now we look forward to her one day winning a national title with Kari as her coach. Since Kari began working with her in 2018, she has won two state titles and 4th runner up at Teen International in just two years time! Kari truly knows how to build our girls up and give them the confidence to reach their goals!

- Joslynn Skelton - Mother of Makayla Skelton -

Miss Teen CA International 2018 & Miss CA High School 2020


I couldn’t have won my national title without Kari’s expertise. I’m incredibly thankful to have had the chance to work with her over the past five years. Not only is she punctual and professional, but she really has an insight on what systems are looking for in their next titleholders. There’s a reason why she’s so well-respected, and that’s because of the time she takes to really understand each of her clients. Kari’s taught me to polish and refine the skills I have, all while embracing the things that make me unique. She feels more like a mentor and a role model to me than a “coach” because of the years of support she’s given me. When I’m training with her and need advice, it’s never canned. She’s graciously given me styling tips and other industry connections that fit my needs best. Kari is an excellent communicator as well; during interview and personal intro training I get EXCITED because she knows exactly how to phrase things that define me perfectly. I couldn’t recommend anyone more than her. It’s been rewarding to watch her services get so popular over the years because she’s so deserving.

- Olivia Wynkoop - National All-American Miss Teen 2019-2020 -

I started working with Kari almost 3 years ago and from the very beginning she treated me like a friend, instead of a client. She has helped me prepare for NAM Nationals, RIM California and RIM Internationals, where I was crowned the 2020 Royal International Miss International Role Model Teen. Kari has written numerous personal introductions for me and finds a way to make my personality shine through, while including my achievements and aspirations. We worked heavily on my fun fashion and formal wear walk, which have improved significantly since we first met. Having numerous Role Model Queens in the past, she helped me fine tune my platform and service project plan and I walked away with the highest Role Model interview score! Throughout the years, Kari has grown to be a member of my family. I can talk to her about anything and everything and she is a relatable and inspiring role model in my life. I can honestly say I would not be the woman I am today without Kari and I am so grateful to have her in my life!

- Kate Platten- Royal International Miss Role Model Teen 2020 -


We’ve been blessed to have Kari as our coach for over a year now. Kari worked with Zara’s interview skills, her speech, modeling and more. Kari has a great knowledge for each pageant system and knows exactly how to prepare to be ready. Kari quickly determined Zara’s strength and helped hone her platform, while improving her weaknesses. Zara tremendously improved her interview skills and developed more confidence through Kari’s lessons.  Kari’s Zoom lessons were always recorded and very helpful to review when we practiced on our own. She is extremely organized and used every second of the lesson time effectively. She kept Zara motivated and focused during the preparation for Royal International Miss pageant. She is always available by phone, text and emails. Kari guided us from start to finish from the preparation of paperwork, essay, and resume writing, down to the small details of the wardrobe selection. Kari’s lessons not only prepared Zara to move to the next level in pageantry, but also gave her many useful life tools. She helped Zara achieved her ultimate goal of winning the RIM International Role Model title and scoring the highest role model interview score!! We are so thankful that our little girl found such a great mentor at a very young age. There’s not enough words we can describe of how appreciative and grateful we are for Kari’s love and support to Zara. We highly recommend Kari.

- Parents of Zara Lwin – Royal International Miss Role Model Preteen 2020-2021 -

Kari is the best coach I’ve ever had! She helped me win an international title and helped me win/place in several optional competitions after only working together for about 8 months. What makes her a great coach is that she doesn’t just help with the main areas of competition, she is always there for the little aspects of the competition too; whether that was making sure my resume was perfect, deciding what earrings matched my shoes better, or helping me decide what key points I wanted to get across in my interview. However, what makes her the BEST coach is that she was there cheering for me 100% of the way even when she was across the country. Kari truly believes in and cares for each of her clients, and she shows it every step of the way. It was clear from the very first day that I met her, that she was willing to help however she could so that I could achieve my dreams. Overall, she’s exactly what I have spent years looking for in a coach, and I recommend her to all of my pageant friends!

- Samantha Teeter - Royal International Miss Role Model 2020-2021 -


Kari is an amazing coach who tailors her sessions to every client. After winning the Miss Arizona High School America 2020 title, Kari helped me prepare for nationals by choreographing my walking routine for fun fashion and making sure I was ready for evening gown and interview too. She followed up frequently to make sure I was on track with my practicing and during nationals week she sent the most supportive texts to keep me in the zone! I placed 1st runner up to Miss High School America and I’m sure I could not have done it without Kari! She is always so positive, funny and knowledgeable and ready to put in work and I am so excited to be working with her again on my next pageant journey. I highly recommend Kari - she is an incredible coach and such a genuine person that will help you take your pageant prep to the next level.

- Chloe Hiller, Miss Arizona High School America 2020 -

An amazing pageant coach and more importantly, an amazing person! Kari devotes herself to the success of each girl and offers the highest caliber of coaching. I started working with Pageant Coaching and Designs in preparation for the Royal International Miss state pageant where I not only won the Sweetheart divisional title but also won many optionals due to her preparation strategies and techniques. In the months following, Kari designed multiple walking patterns, helped me fine tune and improve my interview skills, carefully wrote/reviewed pageant paperwork, and even became my personal wardrobe consultant. The RIM pageant system offers a unique opportunity to become a role model through platform development and community service involvement. Kari is beyond knowledgeable in this area and helped design my entire platform, Avery’s PALS! She spent countless hours researching ways to implement the platform. Once the structure was built, Kari offered ideas for involvement activities, designed a full marketing strategy, and even aided in the creation of the  marketing brochure. After making the top 15 at Internationals as the youngest in my division and placing in many optionals, Kari and I didn’t stop there. With her continued assistance and support I competed at the National Elite Miss national pageant and took home my very first NATIONAL TITLE! PC&D is a true one stop shop for anyone looking to prepare for their next pageant adventure! You’ll know that she has your best interest at heart after your first meeting and you can rest assured that you will be fully prepared for your next competition! 


- Michelle Kirk, Mother of Avery Kirk - National Elite Little Miss 2021 -


Kari worked with Peyton as she prepared for Miss Junior High School America. Kari assisted with both walking and interview preparation. She was able to help Peyton out both with in person and online coaching since we do not live in California. The online coaching is amazing because she is able to send a recording of the session for reviewing and continued guidance in improving skills. She was instrumental in helping Peyton take her walking skills to the next level and integrate her model walking skills with pageant walks. Her coaching method helps push girls in a positive way that helps them to improve. She is highly supportive and caring toward the girls. Kari also was very helpful in guiding us in choosing wardrobe that made sense for her age level and the Miss High School America system. We are so grateful for all the help Kari provided Peyton to help her achieve this amazing goal. We would highly recommend her to anyone for pageant coaching services to take you to the next level.

- Peyton Stuewe - Miss Junior High School America -

Kari Volen is an absolutely amazing pageant coach, truly one of a kind. She takes the time to focus on each of your competition categories and makes sure you feel confident every time you step out on stage. Kari has helped me in so many ways and makes sure I'm always prepared. I don't know what I'd do without her.

- Jenai Wilcox - Royal International Miss 2019 -

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