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Services and  Pricing

In Person Pageant Coaching

$160/50 Minutes

50 minute private in person pageant coaching session customized to your pageant and needs.

Private In-Home/Travel Pageant Coaching

Please contact us at for rates/availability.

Virtual Pageant Coaching

$67.50/25 Minutes

$135/50 Minutes

A private FaceTime/Zoom pageant coaching session customized to your pageant and needs.

Modeling & Choreography

We can create crown worthy choreography  for all your modeling needs. We provide assistance with: Formal Wear/Evening Gown, Fun Fashion, Casual Wear, Runway, Swimsuit/Fitness.

Interview, Current Events and Platform Development

Panel, Round Robin, On Stage Question and more. We are experts in all areas of pageantry. Feel confident and informed before you enter the interview room. We will break down current events and help you improve your communication skills. We can also assist with finding your perfect platform or teach you how to market and speak about your existing platform. Let us help you discover your passion and turn it into a winning interview.

Job/College/Scholarship/Professional Cheer & Dance Team Interview Preparation

$67.50/25 Minutes

$135/50 Minutes


We can provide feedback and insight to help you fine tune your  talent routine.

Royal Words

$200 - Spokesmodel Speech

Let us customize an award winning spokesmodel speech to the topic of your choice. You will receive a professionally written speech and voice recording to help you grab the audiences  attention at your next competition.

$150 - Personal Introduction

Look and sound like a queen with our intro writing services. Includes written text and audio recording.

We specialize in showcasing your unique personality and authentic self!

$100 - Revision of an existing personal introduction

Paperwork & Resume

Pricing varies depending on pageant system and amount of paperwork to be completed

You already have a lot on your plate, let us handle all your pageant paperwork and write the perfect winning resume.

We can also assist with MAO paperwork and platform pages. 


Having the right mindset is crucial for optimal pageant performance. For specialized coaching in this area, we highly recommend our partner



$160/hour of in person personal shopping

We can help you create a stunning pageant wardrobe using items in your closet. We also offer personal shopping services in person or online. Online personal shopping is based on per outfit charges and additional charges will not apply.  

Hair & Makeup Services

We work with a network of pageant professionals and can refer you to the right hair and MUAs based on your needs!.

Professional Photography

We work with a network of pageant professionals and can refer you to the right photographer based on your needs!

PC&D Jacket


Get the Official Pageant Coaching and Designs jacket and let everyone know that you're a PC&D girl!

NOTE: It is the Client's responsibility to notify the Coach of their conflict at least 48 hours in advance. If you cancel within 48 hours, your payment will be refunded or you can use it towards a future session. If the Client fails to arrive for their coaching session without providing proper notice, 1 session will be deducted from the Client's coaching package or payment will be retained. For virtual sessions, we will wait for 15 minutes and then will consider the session a "no show". If the Client does not have a package and has not prepaid, the full session rate must be paid in order for the Client to be rebooked. This includes any scheduled Skype/FaceTime and/or phone sessions.

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